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Staying ahead of the herd is always challenging in a world where new discoveries are made every day, especially in the world of online marketing.

Finding the 2014 Trends

Finding the 2014 Trends

As CSS, HTML, JQuery coding languages and other web developing tools are more explored we find new, trendier, website with interesting designs. It is these trends that help website developers and online marketers know what to aim for in order to give their clients an online image that suits the New Year.

“Web design is increasing in importance. But as the rate of development increases, staying ahead of the curve is essential to standing out from the crowd,” comments Vice President in Marketing of Endurance International Group, Taylor Hawes, “From adaptive designs, to large-format media, to simplified experiences, 2014 promises to be a year of changes; changes you can, and should, implement.”

Some Top Trends:

Here are 5 of the more common trends noticed while scoping the Internet:

  • Flat Design– For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘flat design’ refers to website layouts that deliberately avoids 3D and shading techniques (like ‘drop shadows’), instead it aims for flat colours and simple layout with as little clutter (images, text, buttons, links, navigation bars, etc.) as possible.

“By simplifying the experience, the customer’s mind is free to think about purchase decisions or read valuable content, which means improved revenue and brand impact,” says Hawes.

  • Less Pages–With the constant evolving online creativity, more and more websites are structured to post all their content on one single page (known as parallax websites), using changes of background colour, boxes, or a different font to differentiate between categories. Rather let your viewers scroll down to explore all your content on one stylish page,instead of wasting their time by making them load a new page for every time.

“One advantage of a one page website is its easy navigation. Since there is only one page, your users will not get lost,” writes Kareen Liez in Benefits of Using a Single Page Website,“The users are only a few scrolls or click away from the information they want to know.”

  • Mobile-First Design–These days, majority of internet surfers are doing so from the comfort of their mobile (smart)phone. It’s easier for users to quickly grab their phone to check up on their Facebook messages, throw a cool line on Twitter and post a photo on Pinterest, than wait until they reach the nearest computer. Some designers have found it handy to start by creating a mock-up of how the website would look as a responsive mobile site, then expand from there.

“From this standpoint it’s much easier to scale up your design to wider screens. Navigation menus become wider, content is lengthened along with a possible sidebar. Mobile-first design places a higher priority on the mobile experience which then becomes a baseline for the entire layout,” says experienced Web Designer and Journalist, Jake Rocheleau.

  • Typography–In the past, the types of fonts available to web designers were limited to what could be displayed by the user’s computer system, but now fonts can be loaded from your server whenever users view a customized website. This opens up a lot of creative ideas for online brand marketing, because fonts can be used to convey meaning and tone, giving your website more expression and personality.

“Large, display fonts can make headers more attractive, while serifed body copy can make the reading experience easier. Wherever used, designers in 2014 are recognizing the importance of typography in conveying brand message and improving usability,” says Hawes.

  • Video Needs–When it comes to proving what users like to view online, and when you consider what the second largest search engine in the world is, YouTube clearly identifies how powerful and popular online videos are. Many users would rather watch a short film than read a 600-word presentation of a product.

“Simply put, video has a well-established and enhanced capacity to convey meaning in ways that text simply cannot. Product demonstrations, a human face, and a greater feeling of engagement and conversation are just a few of the benefits of video, and for that reason businesses are seeing the value and making a change,” continues Hawes.

For more in-depth ideas and trends on the 2014 have a look at Jake Rocheleau’s (more technical) article, Web Design: 20 Hottest Trends To Watch Out For In 2014.Rocheleau provides great advice for those more familiar with coding terms and design tools, however you can always approach your local website developers to help you make your 2014 website changes.

Applications, widgets, pages, forms, content, and so much more can belong to any business or individual without training. All that you need is the right Online Marketer, like the Online Marketing Guys, to spruce up your online appearance.

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