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It has become an instinctive move to grab our phones or computers and Google whenever we have a question, or whenever we are looking for specific services. This can be very problematic for your online image, if your website hasn’t been updated since 2011 of course.

Website Redesigning

Website Redesigning

“These days, your audience’s first impression of your business is based almost exclusively on your website,” writes SEO Manager at 99designs, Jessica Hill.

Most companies look at a redesigning their website approximately every 6 months to 2 years. Ideally, to ensure that the latest plugins or codes are utilised for improved user experience, while sticking to the outlined budget. As we all know, website design is not a cheap service, and delaying a redesign is often the preferred path companies choose to cut expenses.

The wiser online marketer knows that a redesign isn’t always necessary. Sometimes the latest plugin or newest design element, as popular as it may be, will do nothing to increase lead generation for your own brand. Instead of increasing your ranking, you’ll just be wasting money.

However, redesigning a website doesn’t necessarily mean creating a new website from scratch, in many cases a simple logo or landing page redesign is sufficient. Thanks to some useful questions compiled by Jessica, you can easily identify whether your website is due for a make-over and what specific elements are in need of tweaking.

Questioning a Redesign:

  • Are you happy with the results?

If your website doesn’t meet the goals you have set for it (like generating thousands of leads), despite the stylish design, then you may need to redesign after having a hard look into your site’s conversations rates. What prevents visitors from subscribing, or following, or buying? Too much text? Too few Call to Actions (CTA)?

  • Has the purpose of your site changed?

When you change your online marketing strategy you may want to adjust some elements on your website as well. For example, you may want to generate more leads by creating a blog and placing CTAs on your most popular posts. Or, if you’re running a newsletter, you may want to create a Subscribe Button on your homepage.

  • Is your site user-friendly?

Often, especially with out-dated (third-party) plugins and coding errors, the functionality of your website can become faulty. Causing, for example, that your links lead to dead ends, downloadable files go missing, and even a corrupt layout that makes navigating through your website a confusing nightmare. Consider fixing all the flaws, ensuring that navigation on your site is smooth and simple to promote easy access to all your content.

  • Will my customers be happy with a major redesign?

Depending on your target audience and client database, you should be able to easily send out a newsletter or email campaign asking your subscribers what they would think about a total website redesign. That’s the easiest way to find out if you would lose leads with a sudden massive site overhaul. If that’s the case, consider an iterative approach, altering little details over a prolonged period. That way you can improve your site gradually, without scaring your regulars away.

  • Is your site mobile-friendly?

As you may have noticed, since the dawn of smartphones, a huge chunk of users explore the Internet from their mobile devices. If your site doesn’t have the same great user experience on a mobile device as on a computer browser, then you have a lot of catching up to do in the ‘responsive’ department.

  • What are your competitors’ designs like?

It’s not wise to redesign your website simply because your competitors have done so. However, if you do notice significant success brought on by their changes (like higher Search Engine Result Ranking), then it may be worthwhile to consider some changes of your own.

Always determine the pros and cons when considering a website redesign. Don’t waste money on redesigning merely because you got bored of your site’s layout. If you are still uncertain on whether your site needs some revamping, contact your local online marketer for advice.

Applications, widgets, pages, forms, content, and so much more can belong to any business or individual without training. All that you need is the right Online Marketer, like the Online Marketing Guys, to spruce up your online appearance.


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