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I recently found this short and useful article on DigitalFire’s website, by Nicole Dirks, about writing SEO-friendly content. With the intricacy that search engines introduce to the aspect of publicity, writers and journalist now have to be more tech-savvy to ensure their articles are at least noticed among the ocean of similar webposts.

Photo by DigitalFire

Photo by DigitalFire

Writers no longer have the freedom to write as they please, but, “Challenge Accepted!”

Here’s what Nicole has to ‘write’ about the matter:

“As the web expands beyond more traditional means of getting traffic via SEO  and paid advertising, social networks and related data management services should become an important part of your online search marketing strategy. Learning how to use blogging can help you create authority, connect better with your customers and lift your visibility in the search engines.

We know that search engines are making changes to accommodate for shifts in the marketplace, as well as a more internet-savvy community. We can see this by the way the top search engines change results and test those changes on the user community. Google’s universal search layouts, for instance, embed data from video, news and podcasts in the natural search engine results. Additional services, such as personalized search, are available that allow for search engine results swayed more toward user preferences or behaviours…”

You can read the full article, including the useful SEO copywriting tricks, by clicking here to visiting DigitalFire.

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One Response to Tips for SEO Copywriting by Nicole Dirks

  1. Spook SEO says:

    “Hi Andy!

    I love the tips you have shared here for SEO copy-writing. I think it is very important the we learn on how to use blogging because this can actually help create authority as well as connect with our clients and also lift our visibility in Google or Bing.”

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