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Grow Organically by Andy Moller

Grow Organically by Andy Moller

Good on-line traffic is a great way to ensure that your content or brand reaches a huge audience.  Often companies want their marketers and publicists to achieve top rankings with Google (and other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo), but they aren’t quite aware of what it takes to get there.

Understanding exactly what Organic SEO is, and how to make use of it, is one of many effective ways to help organizations obtain quality websites with quality content marketing.

SEO is not simply the placing of keywords as most people believe, or at least not any more. Now, it compiles the art of quality writing, online and keyword researching, strategic placing of content, having external links from quality sites, and integrating just enough of it all to not be viewed as over-optimized SEO by Google’s search engine spider.

Organic SEO basically relates to the position that your content reaches on Goggle or Bing search results, excluding the ‘paid for’ top advertising spots (like AdWords). Google’s natural algorithm depict the order of the search result lists. The only way to climb the list is through your content and external factors, not by paying Google (it’s not organic if you pay to get there the easy way).

The other method of generating traffic to your websites via search engines is through AdWords.

AdWords, Google’s advertising program, listings appear typically in yellow at the top and in small boxes on the right-hand side of Google search results as well as on other websites that have embedded a snippet of code authorising Google to display ads on their websites. YouTube, Google Maps and other Google owned platforms also display Google Ads. This method of reaching top listings is paid for, directly through Google’s advertising program, but you only pay for direct clicks to your website when people click on your AdWords link to visit.

In the long-run, having good Organic SEO in place will be more beneficial for not only reaching top ranks, but also to actually deliver a quality website with quality content/products.

Doing an Organic SEO Campaign:

1. Research – More specifically research the keywords and phrases that suit your website and would be most likely used by your target audience within a Goggle search. A balance between something still unique enough to send you to the top of search results instead of your competitors and decent search volume is advisable. Always keeping in mind the intent of the searcher when they use these keywords.

2. Copy Writing – SEO and writing meets where you write quality content around your keywords and phrases, instead of squishing them in afterwards. Familiarise yourself with Semantic Searches, because that’s the way Google rolls. More importantly, make sure your content provides REAL VALUE and USE for your readers and target audience.

3. Optimization – Code, text and the anchor text used for hyperlinks throughout your website are like the central nervous system of your online domain. These are what enable connection between your pages, search engines and external links. You should think of your targeted audience throughout optimizing your website; what would attract them, what would they be searching to stumble upon your links, where would they like to navigate to next?

4. Link building – A more tricky skill. It’s not just about quantity but quality. The more quality links you have, the better, and the more social “sharable links” as well. A domain with a .gov or .edu link is valued highly as it is perceived to come from an authoritative source. At the end of the day though Google wants to see natural links; think about how we share content on the internet. Find other related websites and to start generating possible incoming links, a good social example would be to ensure that your website has a Facebook page that links back to your website via regular status updates.

5. Additionally – Obtain more marketing and promoting from external blogs, compiling articles, distributing press releases to other sites, and building a great networking system/connections to increase your link building. Remember, however, to only do this if your content is valuable and interesting to readers/visitors.

It’s important to note that good Organic SEO is but one aspect of a quality site. Whether people decide to stay and explore your site will depend on many other factors (like design, user-friendliness, quality and useful content, creativity, etc.).

Not everyone has the time, patience, or skills to commit to the long and challenging work that goes into Organic SEO. Hence the birth of SEO Consultant Agencies and Online Marketers. Good on-line traffic will always be beneficial for the profit margin.

You can also contact the Online Marketing Guys, should you have any questions or needs concerning your online image and marketing strategies, at their website.

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