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Having and maintaining a website is a necessity in the Internet-driven world of today. An online domain helps you to generate brand awareness, build a client list, share company news or special events easily, gather marketing statistics for business strategies, obtain an additional income from selling advertisement space, and much more.

The problem, however, is the cost. It’s no secret that websites and online application designs are not cheap, but it is a secret on how much they are really worth. So many companies pay thousands of Rands for the coolest and most advanced websites, without knowing why the price is so high.

South African Five Rand Coin

South African Five Rand Coin

“Apart from just the pretty design and smooth functionality, a very important aspect of the site is the “User Experience (UX design)” which also gets worked into the cost,” says Web Developer at Online Marketing Guys, Dion Ferreira, and “This is essentially what can make or break your site. Having the best looking site on the internet means nothing if your visitors doesn’t know how to (or finds it difficult to) get to the information they need or purchase a product they want.”

Costs are always calculated around three main factors: Interface, Design (including UX), Development and Project Management. After receiving the brief from the client (which consist of the client’s website goals, design ideas, desired applications and online tools, and content), the web designers will start with the layout design of the site. After constructing the aesthetic appeal, comes the coding of the more complex features on your website (like social widgets, animated online games, intricate and suave graphics, data collecting libraries, shopping carts etc.). Finally, the website is launched and project management takes over to take care of all the updates, marketing, and publishing needs.

Because of all the ‘grey areas’ when it comes to website development, most developers tend to stay away from a fixed price. Instead, hourly rates are used, which allow developers to stay constant with their fees no matter the variety of design requests they receive. On the downside, this may end up costing you more money if your chosen developer purposefully drags out the job.

Basic Website Components:

Initially, the following components can be used to work out the average cost of your website (you can contact Dion Ferreira at Online Marketing Guys for a custom quote):

  • Domain Name: R120 per year. (Depending on the domain: or .com – international is more expensive).
  • Hosting: R19 to R150per month (depending on traffic & hosting services).
  • Web planning, design and development time: 40+hours.
  • Web design and development cost: R350 per hour (for design) and R495 per hour (for development), depending on number / type of updates required.
  • Marketing your website online: R3960 a month and up.

“Prices will usually vary depending on your specific website requirements,” say Ferreira, “Viewing website design and management as service-based will enable you to see why a once-off price isn’t simple to give.Building a website takes continued time and effort.”

Applications, widgets, pages, forms, content, and so much more can belong to any business or individual without training. All that you need is the right Online Marketer, like the Online Marketing Guys, to spruce up your online appearance.

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